Stop the tuition Fee Hike proposed by Budget Advisory committee at Dalhousie University

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I, OPPOSE the proposed increase for international tuition. This letter is to state that I DO NOT support the proposed tuition increase for international students in the Budget Advisory Committee recommendations 2019-2020. It is unfair and unacceptable that the University treats international students as an endless revenue stream. While I understand that the currently enrolled international students would see a 3% tuition increase and would be exempt from the 8.1% increase on the international tuition, we stand in solidarity with the incoming students who would face 44.4% increase over the course of 4 years starting in 2019-2020.

I ask you the following: -Withdraw the current budget proposal that has proposed an 8.1% increase to international student differential fees in addition to the 3% increase to domestic tuition fees, amounting to a yearly increase of 11.1% for the next 4 years. -Present a budget that reflects no tuition increases. -Advocate for international students by spearheading the efforts to increase university operating grants from the provincial government.