Save Kirra Surf Life Saving Club - Return the Pavilion

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We, the undersigned, respectfully call on Mayor Tom Tate, Gold Coast City Council (GCCC), CEO Dale Dickson, GCCC and the Gold Coast City Council, to return the Kirra Pavilion to Kirra Surf Life Saving Club (SLSC) to be used solely for the purposes of surf life saving activities.

We draw your urgent and desperate attention to the clubs essential role in surf life saving services and a hundred and three (103) years of community service and unique heritage building design.

The following statement of significance is taken from the GCCC ‘Local Heritage Register’ listing for the Kirra Pavilion: “Kirra Beach Pavilion, constructed in 1935, is historically significant as the club house built by Kirra SLSC, the second oldest surf club in Queensland.”

The Pavilion urgently requires essential repairs and maintenance. The GCCC Conservation Management Plan by Andrew Ladley highlights the day to day care and maintenance of the site should remain the ultimate responsibility of the GCCC, however as their lessee it is appropriate that Kirra SLSC maintain the building.”

As shown in a recent Building Occupancy Assessment, the Pavilion requires urgent accommodation and redevelopment in order to achieve it’s mission and we call on you, Mayor Tom Tate, Gold Coast City Council (GCCC), CEO Dale Dickson GCCC and the Gold Coast City Council, to ensure you uphold your duty of care to protect beach goers and enable the Kirra SLSC to provide valuable surf life saving service to the community.

Any decision to leasehold The Pavilion otherwise will seriously threaten local market potential and successful surf club business operations for our small community run Kirra Supporters Club. Our Supporters Club is the key source of revenue for our future as a surf club.

Full leasehold occupancy (indicated by the Building Occupancy Assessment) should be provided to Kirra SLSC and other maintenance issues being resolved in the best interests of the local community.

The GCCC Conservation Management Plan by Andrew Ladley recommends that “a master plan be developed that takes into account the future needs of the Council, Kirra SLSC and the wider community.” Therefore it is only fair that GCCC engage in participatory decision making with Kirra SLSC as a common sense approach in order to build lasting relationships, provide adequate community services and meet the recommendations outlined in their Conservation Management Plan.

Thank you from concerned community members

(Kirra SLSC established 7th January 1916)