Crying Over Spilled Milk

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We (Farmers, supporters, consumers) believe Dairy Farmer's Of Canada's "It's Worth Crying Over" campaign is a poor marketing campaign. IT IS NOT REFLECTIVE OF TRUE CANADIAN DAIRY FARMERS AND THEIR VALUES.   

While recognizing dairy farmers and supporters (family, friends, industry partners, etc) are not the target audience of the new "It's Worth Crying Over" Campaign, we are immensely disappointed with the direction, visuals and message of the advertisement.

This campaign portrays an elite, upper class, 1% family, in an enviroment that is not reflective to the majority of consumers. The fondue spilling at the end of the ad is not clear or recognizable. It is not the way majority of Canadians consume dairy.  

Its sad attempt at recreating a Mannequin Challenge is late to the market for a viral trend (which started in October 2016). It is unoriginal.  

The Dairy Farmers of Canada is a non-profit institution who uses money collected from farmers to operate. This business model has no good reason or justification to use the same Production company as Wal-Mart Canada's Christmas Commercial.

While it may not be the job of DFC to create advertisements Dairy Farmers will like, it is the responsibility of DFC to convince Dairy Farmers their advertisements are worthy & justified (since they are paying for them). If DFC created a campaign Dairy Farmers supported, they would have 12 000 members and their families trumpeting their message online. This would create more reach and impressions on the campaign.

It would also limit the outcry which is now occurring publicly on social media for farmers.   

We request the following be sent to all local DFC Committee's:

- The market research justifying the creation/style and outlining the goals of this type of campaign

- The full financial reporting on the cost of creation and distribution of this campaign 

- The metric report post campaign explaining reach, exposure and outcome of the campaign 



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