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Remove The Egocentric Distasteful Article Of A Helpless Baby Rabbit Being Killed

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Photographing the horror and suffering of a live baby rabbit screaming in fear and pain while being pecked to death by crows - appears to have been more important to the photographer deemed "wildlife lover" than trying to help the baby rabbit when first attacked or simply walking away.

While rehabilitators rarely recommend intervention between predator and prey. Usually death is either immediate or pretty quick however, there is a rational, logical side to this act and there is a human emotional one and this one crosses a line.  Every species has to eat in order to survive, but when it's in front of you, you have a choice - help or turn away.
Documenting the death of a creature for social media has nothing to do with the death of a wild creature or mother nature, but instead creates social media attention for a person.

A proud moment?  The photographer can be seen on Facebook bragging she made the national papers online while appearing to be unaware of the difference between a rabbit verses a baby bunny:
"Jackie Suttling Photography: Idiots saying I should have intervened but they don't realise it was to late to intervene. The Rabbit (not bunny) was already beyond saving so it was best left to nature". 

She goes on giving a personal opinion it was too late to intervene not knowing the extent of injury while telling her husband not to scare the crows away and continues her photographs.

Speaking as a wild rabbit rehabilitator, injured baby bunnies and rabbits can both go to rehab and survive and they can also come out of shock and survive, at the least they can die peacefully instead of horrifically being torn apart alive. 
Crows are predators and scavengers, which means that they will eat practically anything to survive.

Every life matters and should be respected, not put on exhibition when suffering and dying to gain attention and self praise in social media.
We the petitioners respectfully ask DailyMail.com to take down this disrespectful, heartless story posted by Amie Gordon, showing a helpless baby bunny being brutally tortured and killed.