Stop developing Wind Farms in North Kerry

Stop developing Wind Farms in North Kerry

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Aidan Prendeville started this petition to Dáil Eireann

Here in North Kerry we live in a diverse rural environment.

Our environment is critically important to our way of life. It allows us to grow and develop as a community while we also nurture and take care of it, as it has done the same for us for countless generations.

The growing number of Wind farms around North Kerry is extremely concerning for residents. These turbines are quite different to the turbines that first started springing up around the county twenty years ago.

They are much, much larger,

The turbines planned in Ballinagare have a tip height of 170 meters.They can be placed extremely close to residents property. The guidelines for building these turbines were introduced in 2007 and are grossly outdated. The turbines being installed at that time were three to four times smaller than what we see today. That's where most of this issue lays - outdated legislation. Sinn Fein's Brian Stanley has tried three times to get a bill through the Dail that addresses these issues since 2014. Again, just recently TD Timmy Dooley raised this issue in the Dail, but seemingly it's all falling on deaf ears. 

They emit large amounts of sound pollution that (depending on wind speed & direction) can be heard many kilometers away.

They can also disorientate people, when the blades eclipse the sun every few moments it creates a "flickering" effect, which is extremely disorientating. This flickering has been known to cause epileptic seizures - although rare, there are people in the community who suffer from this condition and others like it. Their lives will be severely impacted by these turbines.

The Whooper Swan is well known locally and we take pride in the birds annual migration back to Ireland about 500 return each year. The bogs are a habitat for the Hen Harrier, these an estimated 150 left in Ireland and other decimated species native to the bog lands. There is a serious environmental risk to these developments going ahead.

The Ballinagare development in particular is in an area where countless people from the villages of Lixnaw, Ballyduff and surrounding areas use as a recreation area. Dog walking, cycling, running you name it ! It's an untouched part of the locality that is extremely serene and peaceful and is an incredibly important amenity for the locals.

Not to mention how important that bog is for the flora,fauna and biodiversity of North Kerry.

The EU habitats directive has stopped people cutting turf in many bogs in Ireland, this is to ensure the long term survival and viability of the bogs which the rural people of Ireland desperately want. We want to see our bogs provide a safe and accessible place for all the community and wildlife to exist in.

Building these turbines will destroy our local area, they will damage the environment, they will emit sound pollution, they will hurt property prices and they will take a great amenity away from the locals who depend on it for various reasons too numerous to list here.

Please, please I implore you to sign this petition. I would also ask you to take five minutes to write an email to your local councilor and explain why you think this is a bad idea. Because it is a terrible idea.

We firmly believe that the only way forward with these large wind farms is to start developing them offshore where they wont have such an adverse impact on peoples lives and they would be much less destructive to the environment.

These turbines may not be close to your house or your locality today but if you look at the areas highlighted in blue in the image attached - all that area is zoned for wind farms. If we don't start challenge these developments now the impact on future generations will be detrimental.

Thank you for your time

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