Stop the persecution of animal daycare facilities in NI and demand Stormont intervention

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The Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA) have been visiting and forcing closure of animal daycare and boarding facilities across Northern Ireland. 

DAERA have decided that dogs should not be able to “mix” at dog facilities which require a licence, meaning that the animals will not be allowed to socialise at all and are to be kept in traditional locked kennels, unless being separately walked. DAERA are enforcing this based on outdated legislation from the 1970s, despite acknowledging that there is no reference to daycare facilities in this legislation and that it is in direct contradiction to the animal welfare guidelines.

Not only will hundreds of local businesses be  forced to close, but owners will have no pleasant environment to leave their animals when at work or on holidays. The isolation of animals in kennels causes distress and disruptive behaviour for our pets. The professionals that run these businesses are having their expertise ignored and the right for animal owners to have their pet cared for in a loving and social environment is being removed. 

Please demand that DAERA are no longer able to enforce it this outdated legislation inaccurately against animal daycare and boarding facilities and demand that Stormont take action to allow owners to consent to the socialisation and mixing of their pets.

Daycare experts and animal owners know what is best for their pets - stop DAERA’s witch hunt!