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I want them to stop stereotyping Asians

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The show "Dads" overtly discriminates against Asians. If the show discriminated against blacks or Jews, it would have been banned and censored. However, there is a double standard whereby people are only allowed to make fun of Asians. This double standard needs to end NOW.

A simple google search will reveal a litany of comments by people who claim that this racism is nothing to worry about and that we Asian people should "lighten up". However, whenever someone makes a racist remark about blacks or whites, the blacks and whites take incredible offense and demand that we be censored. This behavior is utterly sickening. If racism is protected by the First Amendment, then Asian people should have the same right to make racist remarks about other ethnic groups.

Whites, blacks and even Hispanics typically laugh at us. We need to wipe the smiles off their faces by boycotting "Dads" and taking action to end this double standard.

In addition to signing this petition, you may also want to view the website I have created to combat this show:

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