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Should he get charged for murder? I don't think so!

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In Texas, a man was having a barbeque just outside of Houston. All of a sudden, he hears his 5-yr-old daughter screaming. What he found when he ran to his daughter's side was sickening and horrifying. He sees a man on top of his daughter, molesting her, right in front of his eyes! So what does he do? Well, naturally, he pulls his daughter away and punches the man in the face. Unfortunately, this punch led to the death of the man because of blunt force trauma to the head and neck. Now he is being charged with the murder of this man! Should he be charged? I think not! Technically, the murder of this man was unintentional and was used in defense. Defense of his little girl, his little angel! Who knows what might have happened to this little girl if her father wouldn't have intervened! If that was your child, what would you have done? If it was me, I would've done the same exact thing! If I was that little girl and that was MY father, I would idolize him for the rest of my life. This little girl was saved. To be honest, that horrible man got what he deserved! Please sign if you think this man should not get charged for the murder of his daughter's molester!

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