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Petitioning European Agriculture Minister Dacian Ciolos (European Agriculture Minister)

Dacian Ciolos (European Agriculture Minister): Stop the EU funding bullfighting

We can end bullfighting in Europe.

The EU is estimated to be handing the bullfighting industry over £100m in subsidies per year while families across Europe struggle to make ends meet.

New research also suggests that the bullfighting industry is only surviving because of EU funding.

We have the power to end this cruel industry by ending EU subsidies.

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Letter to
European Agriculture Minister Dacian Ciolos (European Agriculture Minister)
Recent reports suggest that the European Union is funding the bullfighting industry to the tune of over £100m per year.

This subsidy takes place while many families across Europe are struggling to make ends meet.

Please investigate these claims and bring about the changes needed to ensure that the European Union no longer subsidises the barbaric bullfighting industry in Spain.

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