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Novus community have been a huge part of my life talking to all the awesome members I like to say to everyone that I met in novus I wish you the best of luck in the future and that you are always welcome to talk to me I'm always here to listen to you novus community is line a place for people to just be there self that's what I liked about it it meant a lot to me and helped to shape me into a better person I learned so many new things here I will never forget jake or tech fan but I will miss you novus commnity is thriving to turn into the next aurora but with a lot more better aspect about it I'll like to say thanks for everyone who stuck by me and that I will always rember how people always listed and talked about garbage and that you can talk about nearly anything like I was know for my server's and that I like to say thanks to all the staff team who donated their time to help the community grow into something that nearly got 2k member's wow that is a mile stone I'll like to also take the time to say sorry if I caused anything to upset you I think me getting banned is the best thing as it allows Me to work on college and focus's 100% of my time to it and that what will then help me improve my English and help me turn into a better person I'm sorry if I screwd you over and I wish you the best of luck in developing into a better community Thanks for your time - IBILLY Media Group
Look in response novus I have done some stupid stuff in the past like selling a rpi3 and that I have since stop using that and the ee thing but I did report the issue I should of stopped using it before but once jake explained what I did was illegal I stopped as I dont want to get in trouble j love novus community its like my live I spend most of my time on here sometimes i get annoyed because of people correcting my English I find this hard due to I got a low self esteem the reason why my English is so bad and that I got a D in it is because in secondy school I used to get bullied over it as a result of that I missed 2-3 years of English its completely my own fault and if j was able to resit my time on secondery school i am trying to fix my mistakes that I made and better my life the reason I dont want people bringimg up is because it remind of my time in secondy school since November when this hole thing with my English I know that this community's have had it ups and downs I will like to tell all novus members that I will miss you you have been a huge part of my life and I will not foret you notability jake Dan red eye and techfan I love you all you are lads I will like to say sorry to Devon personally that j caused a lot of issues and hopefuly I can't fake some leassion from you in the next community I join and not scrw up this time I been apart of this community ever since the Aurora days what j will never forgot thanks for putting up me me and this is my final goodbyes sorry

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