Protect the public from Justin Polson!

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Due to his violent loss of composure during the recent incident at Atrium Health in Lincolnton, and his inability to regain control of his anger without the physical restraint of a colleague, we believe that Officer Justin Polson is a dangerous threat to the public. 

It does not appear that he has the ability to safely manage personal stress, which is an absolute requirement in his profession.

The hospital surveillance video clearly shows the level of violence he is capable of when mildly provoked by a 16 year old boy in handcuffs . We believe a man like this is dangerous to society as a citizen, and potentially lethal in a position of law enforcement. 

There is no amount of “discipline,” paid leave or training, that could ensure the public’s safety from Officer Polson. This man should have never been employed as a police officer. It’s clear that psychological screening is either ineffective or nonexistent in the Lincoln County PD.

Because Lincoln County Sheriff Bill Beam has refused to take action to protect his constituents, we request that a petition for removal be filed with the Clerk of Superior Court.