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Deyanna Davis - Update & Call to Action

Posting on behalf of Myles Carter: At this point you've probably heard a ton of misinformation about Deyanna Davis. The scope of this petition is to secure her release from the Erie County Holding Center due to her health status, her low flight risk, the needs of her young children and the egregious record of neglect, misconduct and abuse at ECHC. This petition is in no way intended to address the charges Deyanna is facing.  This call to action has been endorsed by WNY Peace Center.  Rallies demanding Deyanna's release will continue daily until she is able to recover at home with her children. We will not be deterred by the straw man arguments and racism that serves only to distract from the fact that the Erie County Holding Center is responsible for at least 30 deaths within their facility. The concerns for Deyanna's life are both real and supported by too many deaths of individuals presumed innocent.  ***Update***Deyanna is still in the Erie County Holding Center. Due to our continued efforts, she has been moved to the infirmary. However, Deyanna is still at great risk and is being held unjustly.   Deyanna's daughter will turn 10 this week.  Deyanna just celebrated her own birthday in the holding center. Release Deyanna Davis. Reunite her with her children and allow her to heal at home with the support of her community. The Humanitarian Crisis Deyanna was released from surgery from at least 2 bullet wounds, in the back and abdomen. Within 24 hours she was in a cell at the Erie County Holding Center. She was not provided proper medical care.She was denied the right to call home, having her phone priviliges suspended by the attending correction officers. The Human BeingDeyanna is 31 years old. She is a college senior, only 2 months away from finishing her bachelors degree. Deyanna is a wife and mother of 4, a business owner and a valued member of the Buffalo community. Deyanna's mother is currently caring for Deyanna's children, but she works two jobs and has children of her own at home.  The IncidentDeyanna was leaving her mother in law's funeral. She turned down Bailey Avenue where a protest was occuring. The Buffalo Police and State Police did not act responsibly. They did not block or redirect traffic. No alternate or emergency routes were established. Deyanna was caught in the middle of chaos as a riot ensued on Bailey and is believed to be shot at least once before fleeing the violence. Rubber bullets and tear gas were deployed by police, escalating the situation and creating the crisis that resulted in injuries to a Buffalo and State Police Officer. Deyanna was shot at least once more with live ammunition while attempting to escape. The Other ChargesThere were two additional people in the car with Deyanna.  Police allege that a stolen gun was recovered from the vehicle. In the absence of evidence or confession, all three individuals have been charged with possession of one illegal weapon. This is a widely used technique used by police to coerce and force false accusations or confessions.  There are so many unknowns in this case, but one thing is clear. Deyanna should be home healing with her children.  We ask you to join us in demanding that Deyanna be released from the deplorable conditions at ECHC. All people are entitled to the presumption of innocence until proven guilty.  Please help us in this effort by (1) signing and sharing this petition; (2) donating to Deyanna's legal fund; (3) calling officials to advocate for her release and keep up with news/updates. Links, numbers  and additional information below. 

Elizabeth Meg
3 years ago