DA Flynn, Indict Lackawanna's ACO Fred Grasso with Aggravated Animal Cruelty

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Dear District Attorney Flynn,

As you may be aware, Lackawanna’s Animal Control Officer, Frederic Grasso, shot and killed a stray and unaggressive dog, without any justifiable basis, on September 9, 2019, at Holy Cross Cemetery. It is documented that this individual has shot and killed innocent animals before, and based upon his characteristics, has probably killed many that we do not know of as well. We do know that he killed a mother cat and her kittens back in 2008.

Simply put, this individual is a terror to the Western New York Animal Advocate community, as well as its animals. He needs to be prosecuted just as if he was not a Public Official. We are calling upon you to do the right thing and indict him for aggravated animal cruelty. Your decision as to whether or not this individual is charged will reflect upon your commitment to taking crimes against animals seriously in your capacity as Erie County District Attorney. The community is watching. Thank You in advance for making sure justice is achieved in this matter.