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Keep Prairie Lakes children at Bell-Graham Elementary!

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St. Charles School District 303 Board members will be voting on Feb 12, 2018 to potentially change school boundary lines which will affect an estimated 700 children.  Prairie Lakes has approximately 29 students who would be redirected from Bell-Graham to Ferson Creek, if the recommendations are approved.  These changes not only affect the families of these children, but everyone in our Prairie Lakes community.  We are reaching out to enlist the support of our neighbors in our effort to keep Bell-Graham aligned with Prairie Lakes. 

Several key issues/facts are (but not limited to):

  • Prairie Lakes is small in numbers; approximately 29 kids for the next school year.  Bell Graham is not expected to be anywhere near capacity or overcrowded in coming years. There are about 31 kids at BG currently who will be sent back to other "home schools". The statistics shared at the School Board meeting on 1/22/2018 revealed Bell Graham never reaches above 92% capacity through the year 2021 in all estimates. This does not take into account that all 3rd and 4th graders at Richmond being redistricted to Bell Graham are being offered the chance to be "grandfathered" at Richmond to finish their foreign language & Sci-tech courses. This brings incoming numbers even less at BG than estimated, leaving room for our kids.  
  • Many of us carefully selected Prairie Lakes as the community to move to based on Bell-Graham's test scores, teachers, after school activities, and overall school facilities and grounds to name a few.  A change to Ferson Creek could potentially cause a drop in our home values. Bell-Graham was a key selling point for all of us when we bought homes here. 
  • Uprooting our kids unnecessarily prior to Jr High (when another move is inevitable) which will cause emotional stress.  We have a small pocket of kids who may potentially get shifted around again for High School. 
  • Scores in Math and Literacy at Bell Graham are much higher than Ferson Creek (stats available on the D303 website under "About Us" and then "State Report Cards").
  • Creating more opportunities for traffic and accidents at the intersection of Bolcum and Burr at school opening and closing where there already have been many problems.
  • We are the only neighborhood being moved out of Bell Graham that does not share common streets and neighborhood land with kids going to Ferson Creek.  This is a school of kids we do not know and our kids are small in numbers.  They will be left with no big support group like ALL other sections of kids that are being shifted into new schools. Our extra curricular activities will also be changed on us, taking kids off teams they care about and have been with for years, mixing our kids with no-known teammates and long-term friends. District sports team & activities typically divide kids by school attended. The St Charles Storm and TCSA teams are examples. 2 grades of Bell Graham girls scouts (45 girls) will be disbanded or left without leaders in this move also.  Yet another upheaval for these young kids.  
  • We will be bused to any elementary school regardless, so it does not cost more for district transportation to bring us to Bell Graham vs. Ferson Creek. 

Please sign this petition to let the D303 School Board know their proposed plan to change the boundary lines to redirect our elementary school children from Bell-Graham to Ferson Creek is unacceptable.  

Help us spread the word to neighbors with and without kids who attend Bell-Graham.  We need everyone's support to help our children and keep our neighborhood on the up and up! 

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