Sign a fair contract for D'Youville's professors immediately

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Here is a business pitch for the D’Youville College administration: instead of wasteful spending and paying faculty members money to take down union signs about the lack of a professor contract, how about instead carrying out the immediate signing of a fair contract for our professors that provides them the wages and benefits that they deserve?

Why are our professors expected to recruit hundreds of high-school students without pay? Why do some of our professors work over 70-hour work weeks and teach multiple over-loads each semester to pay their bills? How are there tenured D’Youville professors eligible for food stamps?

An issue that affects our professors is an issue that directly affects the students of our college and our future careers. Our professors are the people who teach us the vital information that allows us to become actual nurses, actual accountants, actual physical therapists or actual pharmacists. The careers paths we are pursuing are of serious importance to our communities and we are completely dependent on our professors to aid us in our transition to the workforce.

The lack of a teacher contract for almost seven months, now threatens our professors and it actively encourages some of our favorite teachers to find jobs elsewhere. Without a contract, our professors can be terminated without warning or reason. It is absurd that the highest administrative levels of our college expect to get away with treating our professors like this without any consequence.

Just as solidarity is important between each of our professors in negotiating a fair contract for themselves, it is becoming increasingly evident that solidarity between professors and students is needed to resolve this contractual dilemma. As students we must show the administration of D’Youville College that we deeply care about the well-being of our teachers. It is essential that we demand more intelligent allocation of our tuition money to ensure that the people who will lead us to our adult careers are properly reimbursed for a task that will forever shape our lives.

What is happening at D’Youville College right now is bad business and worse PR waiting to happen. Everyone who has ever went to school knows that they will forever be in debt to the expertise of their teachers.

Take a moment to think of the impact of your favorite professors on your life. Think of the countless favors and recommendations letters you have asked them for, for your internships or for your grad school application. Think of the 45-minute appointment you made with them to go over the test you failed outside of their normal office hours and think of the time they extended your assignment’s due date by a week because of a personal emergency.

It is time for this issue to be more than just a professor issue. As students we must stand in solidarity with our teachers and demand better for them before they find better somewhere else.

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