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Help save the D.S. Mackenzie Trojan Mascot

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The D.S. Mackenzie administration has decided to change the mascot of DSM from the Trojans to the Highlanders and this would involved renovations to the school and changing the school colors (the options are red, green and blue).

The students were asked what colors we would like to change to in a survey but the survey didn't ask us if we even wanted to change from the Trojans to begin with. The majority of us do not want to change and we especially do not want to change our colors. 

We are proud of our colors and proud to be Trojans. We are known around Alberta as the Trojans and we are recognized by our colors which are black and gold. Although we understand that Mackenzie is a Scottish name we do not have a large number of Scottish students at our school so the change does not represent who we are as a school. 

We know that our school needs updates but we ask that we upgrade from the black and yellow color that is around the gym/school to a nicer black and gold... and update the Trojan soldier to look more modern instead. By doing this we can keep our tradition of being Trojans but also be proud of our upgraded logo and colors. Many past and present DSM students still own clothing items that are black and gold that proudly represent our school and the great memories we have made at our school. 

Our black and gold colors are unique to our school. There are not many schools in Alberta that have black and gold as their colors and most schools in Alberta use the colors red, blue, and green. By changing our colors we will no longer stand out and we will be like every other school that has these colors.

On top of this our sports teams would have to get new uniforms and uniforms are not cheap. We have many sports teams/groups at DSM (4 volleyball teams, 4 basketball teams, flag football, badminton, track, 2 soccer teams, 2 cheer teams, rugby etc.) and the money used for new uniforms for each of these teams could go towards something else that is more important. 

Please help keep us as the Trojans! Sign the petition.

Remember to keep any comments respectful to our school and our Principal. 


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