Stop Door Step Delivery of Petroleum Products! Stop playing with safety & livelihood

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Regarding Supplies of Petroleum A & B class in Bowser's at doorstep of customer's, initiative planned by MOPNG. A complete Violation of Petroleum Rules 2002 and PESO Act under Form XI and Form XIV.


  This is in reference to the initiative been planned by MOPNG in regards to supply of Petroleum Products at the door steps of the customer. The move is against the rules laid under Petroleum Act 2002 and PESO Act as below


1. Under Form XI { For License to transport Petroleum Class A & B }

  � U/sec 5, Which states the Petroleum Products under the above license will be unloaded only at the licensed premises,approved in written by Chief Controller. 


   1.How many approved points will be allocated by PESO Chief in written as per clause 5 to deliver A and B class of Petroleum Products at doorstep?

 2. Currently how many have been assigned as approved license area under sec 5 across?

�U/sec 6, Which states Petroleum Carried in the licensed vehicle {License under Form XI} shall not be directly transferred into any container or into fuel tank of any motor convince or an internal combustion engine.


 1.How do such deliveries complies with the Sub Clause 6?

2.How the Bowser's will be attended? "U/sec 1 of Act, Only responsible person who are conversant with the conditions of this license shall be employed for driving the licensed Vehicle"

�U/sec 9, Which states Except when called upon the traffic signals or requires by an inspector or a Sampling Officer, the licensed vehicle shall not stop on any road,congested area or a place which is not a place approved in writing,under the rules for loading , unloading or stabling of such vehicle's


1.Will the delivery in congested area will not be done?

2.Who will identify the area for loading and unloading under rules?

3.Who will be responsible for any accident/mishap in congested area's?


 B. Petroleum Ministry

 C. Petroleum Minister

4.What is licensed area as per the clause Retail Outlet or customer touch points?

�U/sec 15,Sub clause {E}, Which states Petroleum Carried in the licensed vehicle shall not be unloaded except into the underground tanks of a service station.


1.Who will install these UGT at customers touch point's?

2.Bulk Customers are those who have storage license under Form XIV and they are also authorized to take deliveries directly from Supply Location of OMCs, now are all customers will be given/taken as bulk customer's or any special category will be created?

2.Under Form XIV { For License to store Petroleum in tank or tanks in connection with Pump Outfit for fuelling to Motor Conveyances }

�Violations U/sec 10,13{a,b,c},14{I,II} under supplies clause and conditions required to unload.

�U/sec 16, Which states the most important aspect as below along with Sub Clauses

� Petroleum shall not be filled from the tank or the pump into a container or receptacle other then those securely clamped or fitted to a motor vehicle. The restrictions will not be applied on below.

1. When it's a absolutely necessary for the purpose of condition of this license to clear a tank, or

2. For testing the accuracy of the pumps by the mean of a stab capacity measure, or

3. To the filling of an approved container of capacity not exceeding 25ltrs when such fillings is absolutely necessary for replenishing the fule tank of a motor vehicle which has run dry and the motor vehicle cannt be brought into pump.

4. To the filling of Petroleum class B in an approved container of capacity not exceeding 200 ltrs and no vehicle with its engine running shall be allowed within 4.5 meters of the container and the dispensing pump.


  1.Who will approve the capacity containers of 200ltrs of class B product under Sec?

2. Who will check the approved containers are been used or not?

3. Who will ensure even if delivery is done through bowser's is done in vehicle tank and not stored?

Further the above move will be against the justification to the investment done by the RO Owner's and will it be justified that his volume is been taken away by the unapproved bowser's and what's the fault of the dealership who cannt afford the same and thier livelihood will be on stake, which is already been under the arbitrary of non passing of Justified Margin by OMCs since last 7yrs.

Further please help us understand on below.

1. Results of meetings done across on availability of Petroleum Products? Is there any shortage witnessed? If yes who's responsible?

2. OMCs says that ROs across are planned in line of market growth and demands generated, so was the planning of ROs and infrastructure was not adequate to meet the demands?

3. Who will safeguard the interest of low volume dealer's, who will again be pushed to the corner by such moves?

4. Who will ensure compliance,knowing the fact that PESO till date is not available with approved parking areas?

5. Is safety of the mass is not a priority and congested areas will be pushed to fell the heat under any mishaps under manhandling of flammables?

6.Who will ensure Q&Q under such deliveries and compliance under BIS?

We as Petroleum Dealer's across seeks answers on the above and justification as per the law of land.

7.Whats the provision of changing the act and changing just to promote few corporate houses is Justified?