Help the Wildlife Survive

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Here in Maryland our wildlife is being forgotten. When an animal is injured or a baby has been abandoned by it parents there is no center to take these animals to in order to either treat the injury or to raise the young until it can be released back into the wild. On multiple occasions when the hotline for sick/injured animals is called on the website there response is either there is nothing they can do or their only option is to put down the animal. The same things happen with animal control as well. In several of these cases if the animals had been taken care of then there was very likely chance of survival.

There needs to be facilities built that can take in the animals that are abandoned or injured and have them treated. There are plenty of empty buildings that can be used to create these facilities. Many veterinarians and their assistants would be wiling to volunteer their time to treating these animals. On top of that college students can be used to help take care of the animals to complete their service learning requirements. This would save on money and it would also help the community as well.