D.C.S.F./Child Protective Services Reform/Stop False Allegations!

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On a daily basis, Children are taken away illegally from their parents by Child Protective Services and The Department of Children Family Services social workers due to false allegations of Child abuse.The children are then subject to rape,molestation,abuse,neglect and murder while under the care of foster parents. I seek a NATIONWIDE/WORLDWIDE bill to impose a law that fines $10,000 for the misuse of the child protective abuse reporting hotline.I seek the family and children's courts have a burden of proof of 100%,with clear and convincing physical evidence/preponderance of evidence.I also seek the fining and civil and criminal prosecution of such persons including social workers,medical providers,judges,and officers who knowingly falsify or omit reports,evidence,statements,or enter a home without a warrant.I seek an internal audit of the financial,family reunification and adoptions records of the department of children family services and child protective services from their beginning to current time.i seek audio and visual cameras be installed on social workers,judges,police officers and those working with children, to assist with honesty,ethical behavior and accountability.i seek all those making reports of child abuse give video recorded statements and signed statement testimony under penalty of perjury also being required to attend to court to face the accused. I seek children's court be made open to the public as well as there be juries assigned to children's court with the burden of proof being 100%with physical evidence to show proof of child abuse,may no child be removed from home without such proof of abuse base upon hearsay comments or false allegations.I would like to refer this as the ROBINSON H.O.M.E. Act BILL. This petitioner's life has been marred in tragedy, and pain.Growing up in the system herself,Born into the system til age 18,living in over 50 different foster placements,group homes and facilities,the petitioner experienced foster care rape,abuse,neglect, abandonment,torture and more, later had children ,a set of twins and son born of rapes illegally adopted from her. The petitioner would later have twins again and a newborn and these children are now facing the same ordeal.Due to the false allegation the mother has lost her section 8 housing as dcsf claimed she had a warrant that never existed,has lost her friends,her extended family hates her, and treats her as a pariah,her income has been affected,and the daily torture of knowing her kids have been sexually abused and neglected in the system has caused extreme pain and suffering.the mother has also been forced to pay the food stamp welfare cash aid programs all the money they gave her for her children back just because they were illegally detained.the social worker continues to abuse the section 8 public housing,welfare ,food stamp,cash aid,wic,child support,Title IV programs to track children &take children away from parents.The social worker has also put the children on Ssi,despite them having no disabilities.the petitioner is beside herself in grief,depression and morbid sadness due to the false allegation and due to the losses of her family and life pains. this petition was drawn up so no other family would suffer the utter sense of distress,bereavement,loss,anguish,and turmoil that false allegations can cause as was experienced by petitioner.May no other family be broken apart due to false allegations or corrupt organizations abusing their power for financial or infernal purposes.This bill was drafted up due to a false allegation of partner abuse which led to the illegal search,seizure, entry into a home by police with keys,while the family was naked in tub and legal and emotional horrors that ensued despite the person making allegation admitting to legal aid,law enforcement,child protective and other authorities,neighbors,friends of petitioner and sources that he lied and forensic evidence proving such. The male was part of a homeless group of friends the petitioner took of the streets to help but false allegations of ex partner abuse came up when it was time to leave the residence.The children were all adopted despite not being in home at time of false allegation.This family is pending an ILLEGAL ADOPTION and since the petitioner had a newborn,child protective services department of children family services wants the newborn simply because she was born with social worker claiming because mother no longer had other children it was justification for removal. THE MOTHER HAS NO DRUG OR DRINKING HISTORY AND COMPLETED ALL SERVICE CASE PLANS TO GET FAMILY TIMELY.Despite no allegation of abuse to incorporate the newborn into a financial adoption package. The newborn daughter was recently illegally detained captured in January 2017 and the social worker refuses to tell fathers that children are being illegally adopted or even allow the mother to see kids or call them.The mother has filed legal appeals,lawsuits,grievances,complaints,with law enforcement,cps,dcsf,judicial committee,the city,county,state,Citizen's Commission on Human Rights,Rainbow Coalition,Senators/Congressman Ted Donnelly and Tony Cardenas,Adrin Nazarian etc.The Mother tried to seek help at a Nun Convent,go abroad,on islands,as well as homeless shelters ,renting rooms etc to  protect children from system and went to find legal aid.

www.fightcps.com  www.change.org search :under the three petitions 1)stop false child abuse/neglect allegations! 2)DCSF/Child Protective Services  Reform/Stop False Allegations! #)Stop Illegal Adoptions!

www.wethepeople.gov  search: Child Protective Services/Department Children Family Services Illegal Adoptions Corruption Reform/Stop False Allegations

www.care2.com/thepetitionsite.com Search: Stop Department Children Family Services/C.P.S/Title I.V. Programs/Illegal Adoptions!

www.justia.org search: Robinson vs Cps/Dcsf Et. Al.









The petitioner has since went into relocation to cope with what has occurred,find legal aid and Justice and figure out how to not give up on living since losing entire family.The petitioner remains a pariah and outcast to all. May Justice and Truth Prevail.

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