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UJIN (D-UNIT) should be permanent in the group. No rotate.


We hear that the group structure consists of two members fixed and one rotating. Therefore, this request is for the three D-UNIT girls be permanent, unchanged.

Grateful too if the great D-Business will consider our request, because we adore it and the three girls~

You can sign this, it's a show of support for UJIN, so that in future, she will be able to remain permanent in the group and continue to amaze us with her talent.

D-UNIT is beginning to have many fans, and they are set at the three girls. I follow them for months before its debut, and I love all three, but especially love UJIN, she is unique and has too much talent. Fans of D-UNIT and hers, we will be very sad if she isn't in the next Comebacks, we want her permanent, like the other two, the three are. Anyway, the request is only if UJIN wants to stay in the group. Also, changing to a member on each album, only lose fans, it's bad for the group. We love D-UNIT.

We don't want to disturb D-Business, of course, we love the company and we understand there is a reason for everything they do and we respect that, but we would like that our request will be borne in mind in the future. Thank you very much for your attention and sorry for the troubles I could cause.

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