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Caisen Green of Cookson or Tahlequah, OK shot a dog with an arrow, posted it on Facebook to brag about it, then tried to cover his tracks. He deleted his Facebook page and made another one which was deleted shortly after. The story was also submitted to NewsOn 6 KOTV. His actions are illegal. He harmed a dog, and maybe potentially killed it, for absolutely no validated reason. The animal did not attack him or threaten him. It simply walked near his house. He cannot just get away with this. That could have been someone's pet, and regardless, the dog is just an an innocent animal. His behavior needs to be addressed. Animal abusers tend to have violent behavior as they grow older. Not dealing with him will only lead to future behavior considering he was proud of shooting the dog. District Attorny Jack Thorp of District 27, press formal charges against Caisen Green.

Letter to
D.A. Jack Thorp of Dist. 27
Press charges against Caisen Green for animal abuse

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