Save The Leaving Cert

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Eoghan Casserly started this petition to Dáil Eireann

There must not be predicted grades.

I was a 6th year last year and my brother is a 6th year this time around.

I got my first choice last year, but so many people that I knew did not get what they deserved. Some people didn't even get offers. In my opinion, predicted grades changed the course of some people's lives, delaying many others by at least a year. 

It is not fair, and will never be fair, to mark people on work they were told all their lives that they will NOT be marked on. Even less fair when this time around, suspicion of predicted grades has lead to widespread cheating. This is done to get better predictions. Predictions will punish those that worked hard towards the larger end goal in their own manner, and it will lift up those who have cheated up until this point.

There can't be a fair "option" for predicted grades. They create point inflation and will punish the relative score of those who attempt to sit their exams like any other year. This was "fixed" this last year by pushing any sat results to only qualify for college a year later. This punishes people for wanted to make it on their own merit. (Take note 5th years, if this is repeated you will be punished with less college spaces too.)

Apart from the whole idea being unfair, we're a small country and minor coding errors caused massive problems and turmoil for students. The only thing I blamed the government for was thinking that it was feasible or fair to attempt in the first place. 

The leaving cert is flawed, but we cannot make continuous assessment RETROACTIVE. This will severely punish those with mental illnesses or anxiety that has prevented them from engaging with school on a day to day basis despite bring well able for the leaving cert themselves. 

Last year I should have stood up for what I believed was the silent majority. I would have, but we were told every step of the way that it wouldn't never happen. Then overnight it already had.

Sign and share this petition to fight for your leaving cert. I hope for the people that need it the most, that it's a silent majority this time too. And to those 6th years that are undecided, please heed our warnings. 

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At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!