Repeal of Public Health (Alcohol) Act 2018 and Do not introduce Minimum Unit Pricing (MUP)

Repeal of Public Health (Alcohol) Act 2018 and Do not introduce Minimum Unit Pricing (MUP)

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Physical and Financial Barriers to the sale and supply of Alcohol are Unpopular and we do not approve of them - Frankly, because we love pints and we are grown adults who can drink in our free time if we so chose. 

Prevent Minimum Unit Pricing on Alcohol in Ireland. Repeal Ss. 22 & 11 of the Public Health (Alcohol) Act 2018 (the Act). 

I would encourage the Government to Reconsider their position with regard to the Act and to stop alienating young adults, lower-income consumers and other consumers who enjoy not getting ripped off.

In 2018, the Act was passed with some sections coming into operation under Simon Harris in 2018 (23 Sections mostly relating to advertising) and further sections coming into force last November (the Barriers). 

Today, the Cabinet approved a recommendation by Fine Gael's Frank Feighan to Fine Fáil's Stephen Donnelly to commence operation on S. 11 Minimum Unit Pricing (MUP). This will see a broad increase in Alcohol Prices in a state that boasts the most expensive Alcohol in the EU (Eurostat 102/2018).

Parties of Note: Feighan is Minister of State (Junior Minister) for Public Health, Well Being and National Drugs Strategy and a Fine Gael TD for Roscommon and South Leitrim. Donnelly is the current Minister for Health and a recent addition to the Fianna Fáil Party after having been a leader of the Social Democrats, he is a TD for Wicklow. Simon 'Moneybags' Harris was the Minister for Health when the Act was first passed, Harris is the Minister for Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science and is also a Wicklow TD for Fine Gael.


Some Points to Think about over a Pint before you can't afford to:  

- Ireland already has the highest Alcohol Prices in the EU.

- Alcohol should be cheaper than Drugs.

- Island of Ireland is small and split between two Jurisdictions. Price Increase in one means people will travel to the other. 

- Ireland is quickly becoming one of the most liberal countries in the world, it is not the time to introduce regressive laws on Alcohol. 

- Investment in Mental Health would tackle the Public Health concerns of the Acts while not marginalizing consumers. 

- There is little evidence to show that MUP will positively impact Public Health - we tried it with Tobacco for years. MUP is not the answer. Again, Screwing People on Price is not the Answer to Public Health Concerns. 

- We cannot tackle Alcohol by raising prices on people who are old enough to drink. Rather Government should encourage a change in Ireland's attitude to drink by targeting young people and giving them an alternative to Big Dirty Bags of Cans with the Lads. 

- Cheap Fast-Fashion is more damaging to Mankind than Cheap Alcohol. (food for thought there). 

- Proponents went to great lengths to down-play price increases, they are absurd and will greatly impact even 'higher-end' brands. (if there is such a thing as a high end bottle of vodka).

- I don't know who needs to hear this but €22.71 for 700ml is an expensive bottle of Vodka and less than €7.40 for wine isn't a bargain that should be illegal. (It certainly isn't 'pocket money prices' as Feighan condescendingly put it). 

- The barriers in Shops are broadly unpopular and make consumers feel like a criminal for simply buying alcohol. 

- The legislation is highly Authoritarian and Regressive, it is not appropriate for a State to Nanny Adults.

- The Act will negatively impact our most vulnerable. 

- Proponents have argued a long list of Childcare Concerns - 'Think of the Children' is an odd argument in favour of anti-consumer laws when we already have ID Laws. 

- There is a bar in Leinster House, who are they to tell me how to drink. 

- This news came out in the same day as a report naming unregulated Cannabis as the 'Gravest Threat to Young People's Mental Health'. The Answer is not to Create a black-market for alcohol, but to legalize and regulate cannabis use in Ireland. 

- Prohibition is not harm reduction. 

- An Adult who is old enough to purchase alcohol is mature enough to make their own decision. They don't need to feel like a criminal for doing it. 

- My health is my own. Introduce Free Healthcare in Ireland and then you may consider telling me what I can put in my body. 

- It will negatively impact cheaper alcohol from our EU colleagues and Ireland's new craft-industry (because it will be harder to new brands to challenge more established ones). 

- It is anti-Consumer.

- It will negatively impact poor people and young adults without credibly tackling any of the Public Health Goals promoted by Proponents. 

By signing you are telling the Government that you do not approve of Physical or Financial Barriers to Buying Alcohol. 




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