Postpone US flights to Ireland to control the spread of COVID-19

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Jp McMahon
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American Airlines are currently operating flights from Dallas to Dublin.

At time of writing Texas has 250,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases with over 3000 deaths. Ireland has a tenth and approximately 1700 deaths. Given that infection control is essential to our survival and given that the US has chosen not to adequately control the spread of the virus, the US poses a significant threat to the Irish health system and virus control strategy.

Therefore, we are asking for prudence by suspending flights from the US until such a time as they can guarantee that cases will not be transferred from America to Ireland.

This is not a personal attack on American citizens but in these unprecedented times and since Americans have been let down at the State, Federal and Local level it is not safe for travel to continue and infection to spread. They will be welcomed again with open arms following effective control measures are implemented.