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To restore PE into the regualr curriculm

While 7th and 8th grades had Gym daily (45 mins/day), our 6th grade students had only ninety minutes a week total! It has been decided that next years 7th graders will be subject to further changes, making PE an option for one semester only which makes little sense. Even though this still adds up to the same gym time they experienced this year, the result is still poor and far below the national recommended standard of 225 minutes per week, every week. (Apparently 6th and 8th grade will still receive daily PE.)

~There is a huge amount of existing and emerging evidence linking academic performance to regular physical activity making this so counter-intuitive.
~These kids need a break from sitting in class all day, middle school is intense!
~Let's all face it, child obesity is a national concern, is this not going in the opposite direction?
~Family health education is most important at this age level. 12 - 13, need we say more?

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Emmet Clarke (current CPS sixth grader) and Barbara Clarke

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