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15 people were murdered during January 2018 in Marikana with more than half the cases alcohol-related.

Marikana is surrounded by MASSIVE ALCOHOL BILL BOARDS. You will not find a single billboard with alcohol advertising in the more affluent areas of Cape Town, but on the Flats this type of advertising has, as it were, taken over from the historical "dop system". The residents of the Cape Flats of South Africa have by now already been subjected to 50 years of alcohol advertising. 

The annual financial cost of harmful alcohol use is approximately R45 billion and indirect costs are estimated at R300 billion, which is double South Africa's health budget.

Honourable Cyril Ramaphosa, we are asking you to immediately remove these alcohol advertisements so we can reduce violent crime. We wish to replace these alcohol adverts with community Vegetable Garden Advertising. We wish to fill the minds of residents with images of growth, of how their forefathers cultivated and respected the land, to replace messages on cheap alcohol that only temporary masks the pain of poverty.

Corporate Law demands that communities are uplifted by the activities of companies. These billboards, however, illustrate utter contempt for South African law.

Please help us to remove a practice that, for decades, has been reinforcing inequality throughout impoverished townships in South Africa.

Please sign this petition to change a 50 YEAR narrative on the Cape Flats. Let's aim to stop murders once and for all.