Womens March South Africa #Nami

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  • Karabo Mokeoena- Killed by her boyfriend at 22 years old. He burned her body
  • Versha Kandasamy-Killed by her husband, bludgeoned to death at 41 years ol
  • Anene Booysen- Raped, murdered and dumped at 17 years old.
  • Anni Hindocha- Murdered while on Honeymoon at 28 years old.
  • Zara Hector- Beaten to death and her body in a dumpster at 33 years old
  • Lekita Moore- Stabbed 98 times and dumped at an open field at 18 years old
  • Desiree Murugan- Stabbed 192 times, still alive when she was beheaded at 39 years old.
  • Khensani Maseko- Raped and shortly committed suicide at 23 years old.




Statement of Address:

Gender Based Violence has become a prominent issue in South Africa where the blood of our women has flooded our nations soil. Wathinta abafazi wathinta imbokodo (You strike a woman, you strike a rock) has become a symbolism that has faded in a distance within our clouded rainbow nation. 

Today We stand by saying Enough is Enough!

As a Human Rights Peace Activist and an Ambassador for Womens March Global, Johannesburg South Africa,  we call upon the South African Government to rise up in not just initiating policies against GBV but to protect women and children by making sure that the policies are implemented in their due course so as to serve the interests of ALL the women in South Africa, in ALL spheres of their diversity. 

Campaign Goals: 

1. We ask that the Criminal Justice system be regulated. This means that authorities should be well-equipped when it comes to handling cases of mistreated women. The victims must be given the opportunity to address their concerns, suggestions, questions and solutions without any prejudice, racism, discrimination or any intimidation involved. 

2. Any televised or media related distributions contributing or encouraging female victims to be beaten, battered and raped should be investigated and shut down with immediate effect. Songs that promote violence against women , objectification of women or promoting an injustice in our society must be strictly regulated lawfully.

3. Cultural intimidation must end. A woman should be allowed to leave a cultural/religious belief if she feels that her safety is being threatened. The victim must also be given the authority to legal take action in this regard.

4. Policy makers should be encouraged to have civilians take part in policy making actions that will allow for an open discussion. Victims must be presented with opportunities to contribute within policy reform for greater societal purposes and educational reasons.

5. Offenders involved in any sexually related crimes must face SEVERE justifiable punishments that will cater to the victims safety as well as greater society. IF an offender is released under the presumptions that they are rehabilitated, the victims MUST be informed before the procedure is to take place and must be given the opportunity to be part of the decision-making process with the authorities concerned. 


South African women should not be obligated to live in their own land with fear. No Woman should have to be buried with the last memory of her being mistreated. 

When the World says #Metoo, We will boldly say #Nami

N:B Please feel free to add to our solutions as this will be sent directly to the South African Government when it has reached the amount of support that we need. SIGN, SHARE, SPREAD, TALK ABOUT IT!

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