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let’s be realistic,police officers really forces people to fight against each other by people i mean races .no one is ever willing to look at the bigger picture which is that police brutality seems to be have a white OFFICER killing a black man.are all white people killing black people ?no.we have a black OFFICER killing a black have a coloured OFFICER killing a white have a black OFFICER killing a coloured man.are you so blind to see that race isn’t the issue.the issue is about putting selfish people in power who don’t know anything about justice!Who do we go to when our lives are at risk ,when we want justice?clearly not to the people who are supposed to protect us.we want justice for every woman ,man ,child who has ever been harassed,violated murdered by the hands of any police officer 

and let’s take a moment for Nathaniel Julius,a 16 year old disabled boy shot by the ones that are “supposed” to bring us justice.May his soul rest in peace .#JusticeForNathanielJulius