Permanently fire the Rochester Police Dept. cops who maced and handcuffed a nine-year-old

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On January 29th, white officers Chad Brady, John Soures, Adam Bradstreet, Hannah Schneeberger, Ethan Paszko, and Alexander Lombard took part in the macing and handcuffing of a nine-year-old black girl. The call they received said that she was suicidal. The officers claimed they were worried she was going to try to harm her mom, the woman who is trying to sue the Rochester Police Department for their treatment of her daughter. The worst part is that while two officers have been put on administrative leave, one is still ONLY ON SUSPENSION! Please sign this petition, share it in any way you can, and MAKE CALLS. We, as Americans, cannot keep letting the horrors of today’s world turn into normalities. Listed below are numbers that I’m URGING you to keep dialing: 

  • Monroe County District Attorney: (585) 753-4500
  • Monroe County Sheriff’s Office: (585) 753-4178
  • Deputy Mayor James P. Smith: (585) 428-7045
  • Rochester Police Station #1: (585) 428-6720
  • Rochester Police Station #2: (585) 428-9800
  • Rochester Police Station #3: (585) 428-7274
  • Rochester Law Department: (585) 428-6986
  • Rochester Police Complaints: (585) 428-7131
  • Mayor Lovely Warren: (585) 428-7045
  • Senator Samra Brouk: (585) 223-1800