Help save our family member against BSL law

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I adopted our family member Roxy when she was 6 weeks old due to chronic anxiety and panic attacks, for not feeling safe in my own home alone! She is now 1 year old and I have never felt safer since she has been by my side. I could not ask for a better companion, a better friend, a better family member... She is well trained and on point. She has a doubled fenced in closure and her own little park in our yard. She was raised with my two children and other animals, including farm animals!

Now because of the Breed-Specific Legislation (BSL) law, the police want to take my precious animal and put her down, when all she has done is live her life as a breed that is misunderstood. Our animals are precious family members, they should not have to pay for what humans have made other humans believe these dogs are capable of! The owners should be held responsible for their animals behaviour, not the helpless animals.

She is strong willed, affectionate, clownish, loyal, obedient, intelligent, friendly and courageous! The perfect family member for us especially with all her kisses.

Please please please help me save our beloved family member.