Cycling Industry: Divest from police contracts

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Although Trek Bikes have been the most visible in police bike brutality, we know that the bike industry on a whole is complicit in this racist system of policing.

From local shops to bikes, helmets, lights, and lock manufacturers, -Trek, Haro, Bell, Kryptonite, Bosch, USA Cycling, and more - have all played a major part in supporting and upholding violence, oppression and racism in our industry. 

Statements in solidarity of Black Lives Matter are NOT enough. Statements without REAL action are egregious. Break your brand's silence by hiring a Black woman to do social media “take over” where they will speak on the importance of the BLM movement, the importance of allyship and advocacy, and the deep history of racism and racial inequality in our nation.

If we promote bikes as tools of freedom that give riders agency through mobility, and empowerment through human powered transit, we must recognize the hypocrisy in supplying police tools to an institution that regularly acts against peaceful protest and employs racist policing. 

Bikes are the ultimate tool of freedom. So, why has our industry blocked that freedom from so many BIPOC communities?  From lack of diversity in hiring, lack of representation in sponsorship and advertising, and lack of training opportunities for Black and Brown cyclists, our industry has failed and will continue to fail until they take real action. 

The cycling industry relies on OUR money - whether you are an outdoor enthusiast, weekend warrior, aspiring or pro racer, a family who bikes or just someone who loves bikes, we must use our spending power to demand that the cycling industry divest from police contracts. 

If the cycling industry is truly taking an oath of solidarity with Black Lives Matter, we cannot stand for police assaulting and brutalizing protesters with their bikes. We cannot stand for police stealing protesters’ bikes to trap them in situations that are unsafe due to the police’s violent reaction to protesters.

We must act now. We must defund bike police. 

As a cycling industry we stand TOGETHER and demand that the cycling industry back their words up with the following actions:

1. Divest from ALL police and secret service contracts including bikes, service and equipment.

2. Hire diversely

3. Sponsor diversely

4. Market diversely

5. Support Black, Indigenous and Communities of Color through biking outreach programs.

6. Create training programs for Black, Indigenous and Communities of Color in the cycling industry and clear paths of upward mobility

7. Commit to diversifying your social media by employing Black, Indigenous and People of Color to do "takeovers" on your account and pay them for their labor. 

8. Commit to both the Outdoor CEO Diversity Pledge and the WTF Bike Explorers Cycling Industry Pledge