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Onigiri US - Remove MIN Price increase on stacked items in the Bazaars.

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Hello and Good Day. :) After the Emergency Maintenance on 2018/01/30, it was brought to my own and many other people's attention that, many of the items that you can Sell in the Bazaar on the Pc Version of Onigiri US, have had their Minimum Price Stacking returned to what they once were. Here's an example before the reset: x1 Pale Colored Scale=3 Onigiri Coins(regardless of if you added more of that item)Example after the reset: x250(or more)Pale Colored Scale(3x250)=750 Onigiri Coins... With that said, how is this considered fair pricing for a item(s)that's considered a "Common Drop"? Can you see how this will effect future Sales and Purchases among your Player Base, CyberStep? There's no room for worthy negotiation among players anymore. When the feature to remove Price Stacking was taken out due to an event(or in Oinigiri US's case, "A Glitch), it should have stayed that way, because a lot more people were able to get things done quicker with more confidents and motivation than before. Why? Because the tramendous grind for certain items/weapons became more tolerable, seeing as we'd be able to nogotiate with other players for some of the items we wanted/needed without having to spend those extra hours/days farming for them. Now I can tell you for certain that TONS of players have been set WAY back on new weapon/magatama crafting because of this. It's very discouraging.. Please listen to what WE want more often, CyberStep and thank you for your time. To everyone that plays Onigiri or those that believe this cause is worthy of CyberStep's time, please show your support by Signing this Petition. Thank You very much!

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