Make Onigiri's Items All Tradeable in Bazaar

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This item cannot be sold in the Bazaar because... why is that then C$? You're not making any stock hold if you're not selling what your player base wants. Therefore, these items this includes Summoner scrolls, accessories, outfits, ougis 5-22, ougi sublimes, ougi specials, and etc... need to be in the Bazaar tradeable since how could a gaming company earn income if these items are unsellable in an internet market. I mean you could easily get what the player bought along with the 30% more transaction by selling them since they are bought Onigiri Coins... We can't buy them from our free login OC or anything... Just make them tradeable for Ibaraki Sake! We get what you want; C$ gets what they want. It's a NO brainer! -_-