Cyberport Hong Kong: Stop Supporting Israeli Businesses!

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Dr. Lee George LAM
Chairman of Board of Directors,
Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company Limited
100 Cyberport Road, Telegraph Bay
Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong SAR

Mr. Peter Yan King-shun
Chief Executive Officer
Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company Limited
100 Cyberport Road, Telegraph Bay
Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong SAR

It has come to our knowledge that the Israel Innovation Forum, co-organized by CEL-Catalyst China Israel Fund and Hong Kong Cyberport, is scheduled to be held on 30 May 2018 at Cyberport. We are writing to urge you to please cancel this event, in line with your publicly stated CSR pledge.

“We organized and supported a wide range of community activities and campaigns to contribute to society and help people in need.”
Cyberport (CSR Annual Report 2012-13)

Since March 30 2018 when the Palestinians launched their “Great March of Return” campaign to demand the right of return after 70 years of expulsion and ethnic cleansing as recognized by the United Nations, Israeli forces have killed at least 110 unarmed protesters, including dozens of children and injured more than 12,000 civilians. In fact, at least 30,000 Palestinians have been killed by the Israeli government and illegal settlers since the illegal expulsion of indigenous Palestinians 70 years ago.

Meantime, millions of innocent Palestinians in Gaza (known as the world’s largest open air prison) are subjected to the daily persecution perpetrated by the Israeli government. At the same time, millions of Arab Israelis living inside Israel have to endure apartheid-era discriminatory policies that are well documented by human rights groups from B’Tselem to Amnesty Int’l and many others.

From extra-judicial killings, illegal detention to severe restriction in movement let alone separate dilapidated roads for Arab Muslim and Palestinian Christians compared to modern infrastructure exclusively for Jewish Israeli citizens and illegal settlers of the country, the list of wrongs far outweigh what is right with the country, Israel today.

These are only a small handful of basic facts, easily verifiable from third-party independent sources including human rights groups, the United Nations, the mainstream news media and first account witness statements, widely accessible online.

It is therefore important we do not fall victim to the disingenuous PR-spin machinery backed by the powerful Israeli lobbyists and industry bodies anchoring these companies and their suppliers from Israel, who are proud supporters of the Israeli government and yet dishonestly claim the separation of politics and business in Israel.

As Asia’s world city, we understand the need for Hong Kong and Cyberport to play the role of an intermediary bridging China and the world but to hypocritically claim distant conflicts are of no concern to Cyberport is to demonstrate the equivalent moral depths we in Hong Kong are willing to sink to turn a profit.

Given such, our continuing support of such a rogue regime will no doubt leave an indelible blight on the long-term reputation of Hong Kong, when our actual goal - given our adherence to higher business standards and absolute rule of law - is to differentiate ourselves from other cities across the Pearl Delta region.

As Chairman of the BOD and Chief Executive Officer therefore, the decision of whether to stand with or against the continuing genocide in Palestine lies with you.

Your immediate decision will make a difference in the voiceless lives of millions of Palestinians as well as give hope to tens of millions of victims of war crimes everywhere, differentiating the business community of Hong Kong ourselves for its moral values, rather than being complicit in the oppression of innocent people for the sake of prestige and wealth, which Hong Kong does not lack.

It is for these reasons, that we as people of various faiths and nationalities living in Hong Kong call on you to:

  1. Cancel promotional activities related to the Israeli Innovation Forum and send a strong message of support to humanity in pain.
  2. Build your partnerships with Israeli businesses contingent on the fulfillment of all the United Nations Security Council resolutions in relation to Israel and Palestine.

We hope that good sense will prevail and you will make use of your executive power to lessen global suffering and bring peace in the world by canceling the event and abiding by your CSR pledge.

We are happy to meet to discuss this and will just as much appreciate your kind response to this letter of petition via

- United Humanitarian Front in Hong Kong for Peace in Palestine.




The Palestinian Occupied Territories consist of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. The former has been under land-sea-air blockade since 2007.

Despite numerous international calls to let in humanitarian assistance, Israel has repeatedly failed in its responsibility as the occupying power. The West Bank has seen increased illegal settlements encroaching on Palestinian Territory, which are illegal according to UN Security Council Resolution 2334 as well as the Fourth Geneva Convention. The latter is affirmed even by the United States, the staunchest ally of Israel to date.

On 30th March 2018, Palestinians launched their “Great March of Return” campaign, demanding their Right of Return as defined under the United Nations General Assembly Resolution 194. Attended by thousands of ordinary Arabs, it has been largely peaceful, but greeted with shocking hostility from the Israeli armed forces, which have shot and killed innocent children, elderly, disabled, women and youth. Of those shot, included medics and journalists. This is the conduct, of the so-called ‘only democracy’ in the Middle East and the PR-spin machinery dubbed ‘most moral army in the world’.

These are acts of desperation for a people who have lost all hope. With the United States unilaterally opening its embassy in Jerusalem while halting aid to Palestinians as a bid to force ‘peace’ on them, celebrating it as a religious victory for Jews and evangelical Christian alike while coldly infusing religious tensions in the city holy to all Abrahamic faiths, the Palestinian people have nowhere left to turn. With Jerusalem off the table, peace is further than ever before.

“I have visited the Occupied Palestinian Territory, and I have witnessed the racially segregated roads and housing that reminded me so much of the conditions we experienced in South Africa under the racist system of Apartheid. I have witnessed the humiliation of Palestinian men, women, and children … and this humiliation is familiar to me and the many black South Africans who were corralled and regularly insulted by the security forces of the Apartheid government.” -Archbishop Desmond Tutu