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Strict Actions against Fraud Bank Online Transactions. Cyber Crime Cell- Please Wake up!

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In this current contemporary times, there has been a growing tide of digitalisation of banks; online pay accounts/ payment gateways are being created, from linking it to Aadhar card and other different ways of digital campaigns, demonetisation etc are being extensively carried under Modiji's Government, which is meant to provide benefits and relief  to the people. Despite to that, to the worst of my disappointments, it has rather set potential grounds for a lot more illicit digital online fraud scams which are occuring everyday in pretext of post demonetisation- where the frequency of fraud bank calls have surpassed its audacity to fool innocent people.

The Cyber Crime Cell, who are known for their technological advance functionalities have also actually failed to do take quick actions against such greivances reported by affected people, time and again. They are not playing their active part in stopping such kind of a  "growing  crime of fake online bank transactions and calls".

I went through a same fraud bank call scam few days back, on 22nd March 2017. The call that I recieved were from these numbers: 08677829017, 9128501850, by "Rakesh Sinha" saying that my ATM Card had been blocked as i didn't submit my Adhar card details, post demonetisation and gave me alot of grounding as to why it had been blocked. The guy knew my account details, branch and type of card etc. In pretext of verifying my account, he kept on sending me many OTPS saying it was just to remove the block and activate a new ATM card. And consequently, Rs 17000 got debited through a online MPESA and IdeaMoney Mumbai ( reflected in the bank statement)

I want to make an appeal on behalf of all the citizens, who have now started to use digital gateway so frequently for their transactions or any purpose post this rapid spurt of digitalisation that they fail to see its loopholes. Also, It has done more harm than good to innocent people who are not so aware or informed digitally, especially the elderly people and less informed population of lower and middle class and are caught in the trap by these fake call centres. They are unable to even report this to Cyber Crime as they are already so mentally harassed due to grave economic set backs, they suffer due to it.

I had read and heard cases about fake fraud calls.. I was in already such a harassed state of mind, that I couldn't make out if it could be fake, irrespective of the fact I'm young educated technological savvy person who do her alot of her payments digitally online. 

I later checked those numbers from where the fake calls  were done (True Caller shows Rakesh Sinha, Branch Manager Call Manager- reported spam by approximately more than 200 people). Still, no actions have been taken against such reported numbers.
I have lost Rs.17000 and I see no hope of getting it retrieved. But, due to the occupation that this guy has made of bluffing people, he again called up from this number 091285 01850, thinking me to be supposedly a "new prey" to bluff. The very moment, when he realised that it was the same person, he disconnected the call.
184 people on truecaller have already marked this number as spam.

Dear people, it's not just about me (despite of me being an Educated Postgrad, who has been caught under their bluff) but it is also about a lot of other less educated and elderly people who are being easily manipulated and bluffed by these unscrupulous agents, every other day.

Like a lot many, I have also filed a complaint. But I am disappointed as I have received no calls from the Cyber Crime police, Mandir Marg - evident that they aren't taking such online fraud crimes seriously. I have been told to forget and not to go to police everytime since it's just a waste of time but I won't loose hope  and will try to get such fraudulents  behind bars.

I request you to please take strict actions against these kinds of crimes and registered cyber​ crime cases that are taking place almost every single day.

Some stringent laws should be laid down so that it can check against spam calls, and initiate immediate tracking of online fraud account gateways ( which may if, done can reveal about the culprit's details) and thus can be tracked and punished severely so as to deter other call centers, fake online transactionists that these people have made a big buisness out of it.

Hoping for some "Justice and Relief" for all of us in this era of massive digitalisation.

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