Action against Queendesignstudio

Action against Queendesignstudio

2 December 2019
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Why this petition matters

Started by Madhumita Misra

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday I realized that I have been duped of some thousand bucks by an online garment shop named Queendesignstudio featured on Facebook page.

By evening I could figure out there are hundreds of customers facing the same. And a lot more victims in future.

So I thought let’s do something to prevent those criminals NOW and put them behind bars.

The particular company offers COD and irrespective of what customers have ordered send cheap old torn clothes through courier. Once the customer realises  the wrongdoing and tries to contact the seller...there is no one on the other side to respond.

After I was cheated I also faced the same and read the reviews of past three days where hundreds of people are aggrieved and angry and want to teach a lesson to the accused persons.

They are targeting all sections of the society and all the states.

To my dismay, I wonder how one can have guts to operate like this in a large scale. The courier company mentioned in their site is blue dart but I don’t trust that. Also I heard people write how they provided in an online form their bank details to get their money back and again duped of thousands of rupees. There must be some loophole on their part and let’s hope our lawmakers give us justice soon.

I have few numbers of the company but no one picks, answers my call.


If the cyber team can trace the people behind this then the case can be solved pretty soon and unmask many others. This would deter other criminals -in -making too.

Before it’s too late let’s spread this and get maximum signatures till it reaches the right people who can help us.

Please help me and others in achieving our aim.Lets Punish the guilty...


Madhumita Misra

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Signatures: 129Next Goal: 200
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