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Keep the Myst Movie true to the lore

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Myst is one of the few, if not the only, games to bring art and depth to an interactive environment. It came with a mythology and structure, with story and creativity. That is why it managed to attract such a large following. Within the culture of gamers one finds the subculture of the Myst fans, those of us with an appreciation for art, literature, science, and philosophy. We love Myst because it did what most games cannot: it combined freedom, beauty, curiosity, and thought.
That's what us fans would like from a Myst movie. We don't want it to be geared towards mass appeal or large box office sales. We don't want the producers to have a clipboard and piece of paper titled "The 25 things to captivate a wider audience". We want the beauty and artistry that is Myst. We want the depth. We want the compelling story.
And we fear this is not what Cyan Worlds wants.
Cyan, to put it bluntly, your fan base made you, and if you mess this up, we will unmake you.

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