Fire Matt Manweller From CWU

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**If you are a student, Alumni or a concerned community member please sign and make your voice heard!**

As students at Central Washington University, it makes us sick knowing that a person like Matt Manweller is allowed to teach at our school. This is why we made this petition. 

Matt Manweller has no place being around students or being employed by CWU. He is known on campus for sexually harassing students and his disgusting actions are no big secret to the students or faculty.

He is currently under his third sexual harassment investigation since starting his career at Central Washington University. After the first two investigations, he was found to have violated the school’s policies but was kept as a professor anyway putting more students in danger. We need serial sexual harassers like Matt Manweller far away from vulnerable youth like those he shares a campus with everyday

Please sign this petition to let Matt Manweller and Central Washington University know that this behavior will not be tolerated on our campus.

Google his name and check out his social media for more background into who he is. You will also see that he is running for re-election in the Washington house of representatives (another job he shouldn't have). Check his twitter feed to see him calling women stupid, making fun of trans/nonbinary people and all around hate towards everyone who isn’t like him and/or doesn’t agree with him.

We need to make our institutions safe for ALL students so please take a second to help make that happen. 

Thank you.