No More SigEp at CWRU!

No More SigEp at CWRU!

August 4, 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Abolish Greek CWRU

TW: mention of drug abuse and sexual assault.

According to Sigma Phi Epsilon Nationals, a chapter cannot be brought back to campus if the "community does not welcome it back." This petition is to call for Sigma Phi Epsilon to not be allowed on campus again. This petition is aimed at the Greek Life Office (GLO), the Interfraternity Congress (IFC), and Sigma Phi Epsilon Nationals to show that the CWRU community does not want another harmful fraternity that will continue to contribute to rape culture and substance abuse on our campus.

A Little Timeline of Sigma Phi Epsilon on the CWRU Campus

- In 2014 Sigma Phi Epsilon (Sig Ep) had an alcohol violation and an accusation of assault against an attendee at a party with many members of the frat present. After failing to meet sanctions and another alcohol violation a University hearing took place

- They had another sexual assault accuation in Fall 2015, more sanctions followed as well as another membership review.

- The GLO allowed multiple opportunities for brothers to improve during the period of sanctions.

- In 2016, one member of the Interfraternity Congress (IFC) reported that “from his experience, members displayed varying degrees of resistance to sanctions.”

- SigEp had to undergo university-led hearings due to issues with noncompliance.

- In October of 2016, Sig Ep's charter was revoked by their national headquarters after many disciplinary actions including a membership review and three University hearings.

Their return:

In 2016 Vice President for Student Affairs Lou Stark had already determined that Sigma Phi Epsilon will return to campus in 2020 despite repeated allegations of sexual assault and the chapter's repeated refusal to comply with sanctions or make change.

This is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS because CWRU has not yet publicly outlined any plan for Sigma Phi Epsilon to show real growth or change before allowing them back on campus.

The disbandment period Lou Stark set is based on time rather than meaningful change within the organization and its members.

This epitomize’s Greek organizations’ strategies for accountability: they ban a harmful organization until all the students harmed have graduated, then relaunch the fraternity. This is not accountability. It’s perpetuation.

Every opportunity was given to Sigma Phi Epsilon to change in the past and they did not. Amidst all of the sexual harassment, sexual assault, mental health issues and discrimination of all kinds being exposed on our campus—many of which have been related to other Greek Life Organizations as well—why should we allow another one of these organizations back on campus? They have already shown that they refuse to change or even acknowledge the problem.

Keep our campus safe. Sign our petition.

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Signatures: 153Next Goal: 200
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