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A TV show about the angels in heaven from the beginning of time to the events of SPN

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To the distress of many fans of the TV show Supernatural, Wayward Sisters was not picked up as a spinoff to said series. We believe the main reason may be that nowadays the concept of mystery and horror shows has nothing new to offer, and since Supernatural has already explored the world of magic, Wayward Sisters could not possibly be successful and original enough to make a great show. However, that does not mean that there is, as Mark Pedowitz, president of the CW, recently stated, no franchise behind Supernatural. Here's a concept that's new:

A spinoff that is centered around the Angel Castiel and the Archangel Gabriel, along with all the other Angels in Heaven. Fans certainly would be thrilled to see Gabriel create the platypus (a widely accepted headcanon) or the iconic "Don't step on that fish, Castiel" scene, following the Angels from their creation to the events of Supernatural, possibly even further, giving fans insight on the events from Heaven's perspective.

Although the idea may seem a little far fetched at first sight, we are convinced this concept would make an amazing and successful TV show, whether as a sitcom or as a more serious format. Another point for this would be that it need not necessarily be directly connected to Supernatural (other than through references) and could thus attract many new viewers.

The fans would be incredibly grateful.

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