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Find another location for your planned CVS store at Franklin and Sutterville. Sacramento residents love Mercado Loco!

The last thing Sacramento needs is another drugstore.  It seems like they are on every corner.  In fact, there are 20 pharmacies within 5 miles of Franklin and Sutterville.  But if you must, please find another location.  By settling on Franklin and Sutterville, you are forcing out a beloved market and a beautiful building is in jeapordy. South Sacramento is chock full of empty lots.  Franklin Blvd is full of empty storefronts and lots.  

Mercado Loco is a valuable asset to this community.  It provides fresh produce, a full butcher, prepared foods and jobs to area residents.  We would be very sad to see them go.

Please reconsider your location at this site.  

This petition was delivered to:
  • CVS Pharmacy
  • Sacramento County Supervisor, District 1
    Phil Serna
  • Oak Park Neighborhod Association
  • North Franklin Business District
    Frank Cable, President; Board of Directors
  • Mayor, Sacramento
    Kevin Johnson
  • Sacramento City Councilman, Dist 5
    Jay Schenirer
  • Director, Public Relations, CVS
    Erin Pensa
  • Director, Public Relations, CVS
    Christine Cramer
  • Director, Public Relations, CVS
    Mike DeAngelis
  • Director, Corporate Communications and Community Relations, CVS
    Joanne Dwyer
  • COO, Sacramento Children's Home
    David Baker
  • CEO, Sacramento Children's Home
    Roy Alexander
  • cvs
  • Sacramento County Supervisor, District 2
    Jimmy Yee

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