Save Stotan Falls! CVRD Directors: Stop 3L's Riverwood Proposal

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The following petition will be presented by a delegate at the CVRD open house regarding an RGS amendment on Sept 6th, and if necessary, at a public hearing on Nov. 29th.

I, the undersigned, do not agree that 3L Developments should be allowed to amend the Regional Growth Strategy to allow for a new settlement node of 750-1100 homes near Stotan Falls.

* * * * If the CVRD Board of Directors refuse to amend the RGS, this project will be stopped.  Please Sign and SHARE.


3L Developments owns 525 acres of land around the Stotan Falls area.  They are proposing to build a new community called RiverWood of up to 1100 homes in an area without water, sewage or road infrastructure, and zoned RU-20, which allows for two homes per fifty acres.  3L wants the CVRD (Comox Valley Regional District) to amend our Regional Growth Strategy so this land can be re-zoned as a new Settlement Node. 

The CVRD approved a Public Consultation to assess this, and the next step in this process is a vote on the First Reading by the CVRD Board of Directors on October 2nd. This will be a simple majority vote of 50%+1 by the 10-member Board.  The consultation process will seek input from all our adjoining Regional Districts, as well as First Nations. That will only happen if it passes 1st Reading.

3L also claims if they can build their project, they will give the Comox Valley a 'free' 260 acre park in exchange.  Their promo ignores the facts about how much is already secured as public land by riparian restrictions and steep slope legislation, plus the likely impacts to wildlife corridors, salmon watershed areas, and of course, the beauty of Stotan Falls which has to be preserved for future generations.  Stotan Falls won't be turned into a park by building 1100 homes on top of it.

This development must not go forward as proposed.  Please sign this petition and share widely on social media.  Share your concerns with the CVRD Directors, write letters to the press, speak out at the Public Hearing (date TBA) and get informed by joining the "Save The Puntledge Triangle" group on Facebook.  Thank you for your support.