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On August 29 , 2020 two girls came and vandalized my car after they vandalized my car one of the girls shot and killed my girlfriend Jayla English. One of the girls was my ex girlfriend the other I had never seen before. The two girls are named Brittany Lynn and Orniesha Levison. Brittany Lynn is the shooter and she is my ex girlfriend she is being held on a million dollar bond. But the second girl , Orniesha Levison is only being charged with manslaughter and is currently out on bail. Her bail was only $75,000. I am writing this petition to have Orniesha Levison charged with aggravated murder she came to our home with the intention of committing a crime and she left with the shooter. She is just as guilty a should be punished. Under the LAW if you are in the commission of a crime and someone gets killed you are just as responsible as the shooter! She should not be able to walk free ! She should be charge with MURDER #Justice4Jayla