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Cut the Salaries of Congress and the President

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In our struggling economy, the White House has failed to create a deficit reduction plan that is fair to the American people. The Obama administration approved pay raises to the President, Vice President, Congress and the Supreme Court while raising taxes and imposing cuts to programs essential to America's well-being. We The People must pressure the White House to implement cuts to politicians' salaries and benefits and carry their share of the debt. This economic indiscretion must end. It's time to put The People first. This goes beyond politics. This is about economic common sense and accountability.



The Obama Administration has issued an executive order to raise the pay of Joe Biden. members of Congress, Supreme Court Justices, and district and circuit judges as well as judges of the Court of International Trade. It is estimated that this will cost $11 billion over ten years. more from

Bush era tax cuts will expire, and tax hikes will hit everyone. For example, Payroll FICA withholding will return to 6.2% (up from 4.2%) and self-employment tax will return to 12.4% (up from 10.4%) beginning in 2013---effecting all working taxpayers. more details from

sequester cuts are hurting vital programs such as special education for children by $598 million to learn more go to

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