Petition Update


Sandra Goodwick
Montrose, CA

May 13, 2013 — "Dear Ms. Goodwick,

I am writing in response to your e-mail communication of May 8, 2013 to Secretary Kathleen Sebelious, ...& Pam Hyde,..., alerting them to the on-line petition you created ... As you are by now aware, which you have announced on the web site, we have succeeded ...

This good news in no way overshadows the time and energy you took to organize the petition drive. The tremendous response it elicited illustrates the value and importance of this event, and the time some individuals took to share stories of how it impacted their lives was moving testimony of recovery and how a community of people sharing their knowledge can multiply lessons of healing . The petition is an example of the strength and power of advocacy in action and doubtless created new bonds or strengthened existing ones in its message.

Steven Fry, M.S.
Associate Director for Consumer Affairs
Center for Mental Health Services