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Noelle from SAUGERTIES, NY

Sandra Goodwick
Montrose, CA

May 9, 2013 — The Alternatives Conference is a "Mecca" where the bounty of our lived-experiences of healing... can be exchanged. We take what we learn and extend it into the greater community, touching and offering practical healing to innumerable lives.. One example (and this is only one of several ways it's impacted me personally) came though a 45 minute workshop on Laughter Yoga... I enjoyed it... thought it was a bit goofy... and when I was hit with multiple trageies -- circumstances beyond my ability to cope, I decided to give it a try (why not??? it was free... silly... but I could do it in my car when no one was around...) It not only saw me through these near-simultaneous events: the death of my husband, father, a horrific illness of my mother, incarceration of my son on a felony charge (he got off - yahoo!) & 3 unscruplulous contractors in a row... It also cured a back condition I'd been suffering with for years! And I've passed that information along to hundreds! THAT'S BIG!