Cut Insulin & Other Drug Prices By Up to 75% – Eliminate Prescription Drug Kickbacks

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Highly-inflated US insulin and drug prices are NOT due to a mysterious combination of drug-company greed, high research costs, and a "complex" pricing system. 

Take a Look behind the curtain and you'll see the cause really is a massive kickback scheme that defrauds millions Americans every day, every time they fill a prescription.  

For insulin, the kickbacks (politely called "drug rebates") represent almost 75% of US retail prices, as shown in the diagram from the drug companies themselves. 

It's simple math to see that 75% kickbacks require 400% price inflation.  A $100 vial insulin must be inflated to $400 to cover 75% percent kickbacks. 

Please join the Cheap Insulin Foundation (CIF) in petitioning Congress, President Trump, and HHS Secretary Alex Azar to take the necessary actions to: end the "drug rebates" (and other "pay-to-play" fees) paid to health insurers and pharmacy benefits managers (PBMs), and ensure that equivalent upfront price deductions are made.

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