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Keep my stall 183-184 in coventry retail market

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Call to all our happy and Unhappy (if there is) Customers. Your feedback and signature will decide !

The Coventry City council's commercial properties management team want to terminate our tenancy because of our " behaviour" !!!

Because we are very concerned about the customers health and safety... complaining about the hygiene in the market... 

We spent a lot of time to build up the business dealing with suppliers from around the world and travelling to three continent to get the best products from the source.  

A place where customers are assured to get the products they are used to and they can't find somewhere else.

A place where people discover new product, take pictures and enjoy new taste. .. 

Coventry and Warwick's international students and their families are happy and relaxed finding the products they are used to and where they can communicate with their mother language thanks to our high fluency in different languages (Arabic, Spanish, French, Catalan, Italian,...) and advice for their studies (Aerospace, Thermodynamic, ...)

Customers can get the same product they had during their holidays abroad. 

Healthy products

We give more options to our customers

Customers can get what they need with confidence, we travel thousands of miles away to make sure that our products (we try before to sell) are "Pure" and first class quality.

A place where all our customers can taste any product before they buy

Customers get the fairest and the right advice

Customers get the most honest customer service

We bring customers from outside of Coventry who are happy with all the products we offer who all encourage us to extend our business by opening shops in their area...

Customer feedback always positive

All our attempts to improve our customer service had been turned down by the market manager unfairly... 

Together let's inform the chief executive of Coventry City council and ask him to make a decision letting us to enjoy together this business with more good ideas or to go somewhere else where the administration is there to facilitate the task to people who really works hard and contribute to the economy... (look how many very good shops and commercial properties are closed in the city centre ...?)



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