Humanitarian Parole

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Yunior Cabrera
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Please allow the parents of Paloma to come to the United States under humanitarian parole. This family lost their child, their home and left their relatives behind because of the fear that they felt in their home country. They have a purpose now. They want the international community to know the real conditions of the medical treatments and care available in Cuba. While the world believes Cuba has one of the best doctors and medical care of the world, the reality for their citizens is very different.

Yaima and Osmany lost their daughter after she was vaccinated with the MMR vaccine. In her grieve, Yaima shared her story in social media which quickly caught the attention of international news outlets. Yaima denounced that the medical care in Cuba was subpar to its reputation and she openly criticized those who took care of her daughter while she was weakening in the hospital. 

A week after her daughter death, Paloma's parents were summoned for a meeting with health officials. They believe they were going to get an explanation as to what happened. However, they were threatened by the officials and asked to stop making criticism. 

Both parents were determined to continue to share their story. Therefore, they decided to leave their home country to come to a place where they can openly share their story and their view. However, they are not free yet. They are staying in Mexico, in hiding, while they wait for a hearing next year. Yaima and Osmany have received multiple threats from social figures in Cuban and supporters of the Cuban regime. They are afraid that Mexico, who shares good political ties with Cuba, is not a safe place for them to stay. 

Additionally, it is in the United States where they have family members who are willing to welcome them in and support them while they wait for their immigration proceedings. Yaima and Osmany have lost too much and they should not be forced to keep suffering. Please allow them to come to the United States as soon as possible.