KFC Refuses to Install Power Door, After Major Renos, Despite 12 Years of Promises.

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I have a major disability that makes me have to use a power chair.  !2 years ago, I asked my local KFC to install a power door.  I was assured that one would be installed.  I waited, but nothing happened,  so I emailed the company.  I was told then that major renovations would be happening that year & a power door would be installed.  Twelve years and many emails later, the store underwent major renovations, but a power door was not installed.  Power doors help people who have a disability to maintain our dignity by not having to ask others to open the door for us, & not having to pound on the window & wait for staff to notice us & let us in.  They don't just help people who have a disability.  People who use strollers, seniors, people who are carrying packages, those who are just tired or are recovering from an arm injury or using crutches also benefit from them.  Another benefit is that people who would be holding the door open don't get their feet run over or their arms banged by accident by someone who is trying to maneuver a wheelchair through the door.  In this day and age, there is no excuse for this building to not have a power door after renovations.  I have no idea if they renovated the washrooms, which were inaccessible before the renovations, but since they didn't install a power door, I have my  doubts. 

Please tell KFC that ableism is not acceptable and that accessibility for everyone is important.  KFC's slogan is "KFC Listens." Listening is great, but they should also DO something!